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09-17-2012, 03:43 PM
Originally Posted by foxinthesnow View Post
I have all the ships/outfits I want, I also have hundreds of millions of ec. I'm on the other side of the f2p endgame, the only way to make money off of me now is the LTS.
Considering they put out around $300.00 worth of C-Store items each year, not including Lockbox items, it's unlikely that you won't be buying additional things over the next year+. Cryptic is going to get money out of you one way or another. If you're a Trek fan you can't help but buy your favorite geek-moment Trek thing.

What I meant was that we are around the midpoint of the games life, IMO of course. I don't see it going much longer than three more years, it can even end much sooner depending on the profits (or lack of) STO generates.
Same old DOOM arguments. I remember those all the way back from 1 month after launch, over 2.5 years ago.