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Originally Posted by osirisraa View Post
thx to everyone who responded... corg couple of questions because I think its in my assignment priority that I'm lacking... Since I'm not runing a fleet.... Can you explain what you mean by:

1. support?
2. prototype consoles... How does this work? are you building consoles to sell on the market every day? what are the assignment names to make concles and what do you need supply wise?
3. Asylum?
4. CXP?
5. Appropriate artifacts?
Here are some links. Hopefully, you'll find them helpful:

1. Support =
Good source of Refugees/Prisoners/Purple DOFFs

2. Prototype consoles =
I use purple consoles if they're the right type. The rest I put on the exchange if they're worth more than 50,000 EC. Otherwise, I just de-replicate them.

3. Asylum =
I only do Earth, Vulcan, Andor, Tellar, and Bajor. Excess refugees go on the exchange.

4. CXP =
CXP missions tend to have that yellow-orange background. A couple of the orange assignments are terrible though, still pay close attention to the rewards.

5. Appropriate =
These 20-hour missions (and their Maurading equivalent) grant a decent amount of CXP. On crit, you could get a Strange Alien Artifact (needed for Prototype consoles).