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09-17-2012, 04:46 PM
From a strict ROI viewpoint - at $300 for the LTS; (unless you have a LOAD of alts which in the long run offset some other C-Store costs); at the rate of the 500 Zen monthly stipend, it would take you 60 months (5 years) to effectively recoup that $300 inventment. After that you've 'saved' some cash (assuming you continue to find items in the CStore or Dilithium Store is you covert the Zen - that you want to obtain.)

I'm also one of the folks who's been LTS since day one in 2010 when trhe game launched; and I still like the game, so I have gotten a ROI at this point. That said, were I looking at an LTS today, I do not think I would find it worth the money. You'll get better enjoyment just buying what you like as they release it - and would still be supporting the game.

In the end though, the choice is yours.
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