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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
*Polaron Procs:

*Assigned a stack limit to Polaron Energy Drains.

*Polaron energy drain comes with two components:

*1) Max energy level reduction to all subsystems that lasts 5 seconds.

*2) An instant drain of all subsystem energy.

*This has no duration - enemy immediately begins regenerating energy lost from this instant effect.

*The new Stack Limit on Polaron procs applies ONLY to the duration-based aspect that reduces a target's max energy.

*The instant drain is not limited.
... what? ok so the new proc now have a cap of how many times it can be applied, though that number was not provided, and to make up for it the old proc is back on top of it?

is the drain amount split between these 2 parts of the proc? do they stack on top of each other for double the effect? this is not enough information.
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