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Hello everyone,
I'm a science captain looking for the best science ship from the fleet ship options. I've got one-the Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel, and I'm concidering getting one more: either the Fleet Reconnaisance Science Vessel, or the Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit. My question is, WHICH ON WOULD YOU CHOOSE?

Initial thoughts:
Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel (the one I already own)
Commander and Lt. Commander Science boffs. Plenty of abilities without wondering what else I might need. 5 Science consoles.
Largest crew of the three at 500, might help with hull regen slightly.
Ensign and Lt. Engineer Boff slots, giving a bit of variety potential, and perhaps some better healing. Also three engineering consoles.
Weakest in tactical abilites. I know its science, but I'm just sayin'. I like to cause some damage too when possible, after all.
Lowest turn rate of the three, but at 11, really not bad.

Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel
Commander and Lt. Commander Science boffs. The same as what I've got, so nothing gained, but nothing lost either.
Smaller crew at 350. Might affect hull regen slightly, but I don't know if it will be noticable.
Only a Lt Engineer Boff slot, so it loses a bit of healing potential. Only two engineer slots, so loses a bit of damage resistance.
Best out of the three in tactical abilities (this is the part that really excites me). Same boff layout as Assault Cruiser, and FOUR tactical consoles. I worked some rough numbers, and assuming four phaser relays (assuming it's phasers) and after the full minute of sensor analysis, has the potential to deal just about as much damage with four beams as a cruiser with 6 beams.
A bit better turn rate.

Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit
Ensign, Lt, and Commander Science boff. This is a twist, and a toss up-maybe a bit more variety, but ultimately probably a bit weaker without the second Lt Commander ability.
Even smaller crew at just 100.
Only a Lt Engineer Boff slot, but back to three engineering consoles. So a bit better at damage resistance.
More balance tactical abilites, with a twist. A Lt Commander tactical Boff slot, giving ability for Beam Overload 3 or something. Also 3 tactical consoles as Assault cruiser, so it'll do a bit more damage than Fleet Deep Space, but not quite as much as Fleet Reconnaissance.
Best turn rate of these three, at 14. That's almost as good as some escorts.

Please tell me what you think, and which one you think would be the best choice, and why. If you think I should stick with the Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel I already own, let me know that too.