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09-17-2012, 09:35 PM
Depends on what you want. These ships, the fleet ones, are unique in either they give lockbox quality for low prices, or a hybrid starship for those whom like flying cruisers as a science pilot, or science ships as a tac. For the superpowered tactical science ships, it's really a toss up between the fleet science vessel retrofit, and the Fleet RSV. The RSV is slower, but has better science slots, and more sheer firepower with four tac consoles and sensor analysis (Meaning in the end, when SA is cranked up, you get about 5 tac consoles, a little more actually). And for the annoying gnat that still packs a good punch, you have the Fleet Science Vessel, which has escort like turn rate and inertia, and a lt. commander tac slot, for those awesome torp spread III moments. You're choice really.

You're right when it comes too science powers, the RSV is more powerful, you can have dual gravity wells with it, plus the epic firepower from it. As far as survivability goes, it's almost dead even. RSV has more sheer hitpoints, but the Science Vessel makes up for it with insane speed. And the fleet science vessels turn rate has been buffed too 15. My synopsis is thus:

Fleet Deep Space Science Vessel: Tank/Healer
Fleet Science Vessel: Balanced tank and Gank/Quick Responder Medic/Field Control
Fleet Recon Science Vessel: Major Gank/Field Control