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09-18-2012, 01:03 AM
Sum sweet, sum sour stuff in this patch notes, however I'm glad that AT LEAST one major patch has been released in September and not on a Weddieday. I hope this bi-weakly patching keeps going for Tribble, so the weakly Thursday Holodeck downtime can at least be made of good use for a bigger patch.

Sweet: Transwarp warp-out dubble thingy taken out, all operational assets changes, new music in exploration, ISS naming for mirror ships.
Sour: Polaron nurf (yet another nurf for a weapon that has already been quite useless in PVE), appurrently text in mail has never wurked until now even though it's been said so?
Unsure: MK XII KHG set description ... I hope it's adding stuff, not making stuff wurse. ^^
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