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09-18-2012, 01:20 AM
i think i've never seen any of these operational assets in action yet, and i've played plenty of them Fleet Missions.

maybe a Blog entry by Bran Flakes would be a good idea to tell us what they are supposed to be good for,
as i see it the Fleet Missions are already easy enough that any consumable help is a waist of Fleet Credit.
But maybe you guys know something that i / we don't ?

@Polaron Weapons:
since i do not see what happens to the energy Levels of my Target (UI department plz give me some information?), i do not think that Users will notice any difference, at best Targets will notice something.

...i use them on my Jem Hadar bug because they are the canon weapon choice and i like the color (even though the Polaron Weapons on DS9 where boring white blobs...)

@Miracle Worker 1:
*unsure if used at all*
We use Miracle Worker 3 at Endgame, not sure if the power even comes in a lower version for Players since it is a captain power and only unlocked once AFAIK.

nice, now please make the default Warp Out like it was pre Season 6, without the silly turning 90? to the side abone ESD + DS9, but straight ahead.

@Chairs now have their own custom interact icon.
an Icon above my Captains chair?... that will ruin some screenshots...

@The Website, Account, Support, Terms of Use, Credits, and Options buttons on the login screen have been added to the character selection screen.

Sounds like someone is preparing to get rid of the forced logout when you want to switch characters?
Why else move these buttons to the char select screen?

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