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09-18-2012, 02:56 AM
Heh... my 2 cents:

1) never left an STF prematurely, however sodding sorry the situation has been. I don't care about optionals - I try achieve them, but if others refuse (or fail) to do so too, then so be it - it's just a bag of monkeys anyway, nothing super exciting or useful.

2) the penalty of one hour is way too short.(*

*) Cure needs to be fixed! If you get in to map where there's no "leave map" button after the boss's shot down (it'll pop up eventually however), you'll be penalized if you don't wait for the button to appear. Folks who don't wait for the soddin' button to appear (and leave with 'depart system')... should be hung. Just saying.

As a matter of fact, what'd be the best solution:

--disable-- "depart system" completely during STFs. And if you log out, you'll be transfered back to the very same instance you logged off from. That'll teach people to complete the thing... Not fun? STFs aren't fun, they're a chore anyway - they've never been fun, only a chore to run thro a hundred, two hundred, or more times.
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