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09-18-2012, 02:06 AM
I'd be inclined to say: consider Transfer Shield Strength III and Hazard Emitters III. Pretty nice heals, and the higher levels make more of a difference than the bump from repulsors or feedback pulse to a higher mark.

I don't know how the borg set heals are working out for you, but if they do, you might also consider dropping one of the EPtS's in favor of, say, Engineering Team (or Reverse Shield Polarity if you do get pounded occasionally), freeing up a science healing slot for a more offensive/utilitarian skill.

Minor comment: you slot 2 torpedo spreads and quantum torps, but do not have any points in the torpedo damage skills. That might not be the most effective thing to do; I'd consider either swapping out the torps for cannons, for the tetryon perks, or maybe investing in a captain respec if you want to use the torps (once you really decided what kind of skills/gear you'd like to use)...