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I went away for a couple days and was thrilled to see in the patch notes where it said that the shooter overlay was fixed. Well, I was thrilled until I checked out what fixed means. The overlay function now works like the shooter tray scrolling function, except it doesn't even have the functionality of that since you can't move the overlay to the right like on the scrolling function. When you use the overlay function to access the second or third rows and then push either the corresponding mouse or number key for anything above 3 it activates the power in that space on the FIRST row. This is pretty much the opposite of my definition of fixed. This means that while using the overlay you have no access to any of the powers in your skill trays except the first row and the first three spots on the second and third rows. As it stands, the overlay system is completely unusable.

I do hope that someone will repair the overlay system eventually.