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so i just happen to spend all my hard earned zen on the most powerful weapon in the KDF aaaaaand flop for me. my idea was to try to get in cloaked, decloak, have full transphasic torpedo stack igh yeild 3 for crit h and severity and if that dint cut em down 'd t least have all forward facing disruptors (including 3 aft disruptor turrets, maybe 4 now) including the disruptor autocannon.

problem is i can't afford 15 bajillion ec for my transphasic stack and it sucks as it sits now. ca't do sh*t without crit h and severity. mine spread beta 3 isnt achievable in tactical cruiser and that really sucks i absoloutley neeeded beta 3!! and the disruptor autocannon sucks without disruptor coil stacking.

so i guess you could say im caught between rock n hard place? should i push disruptor stack and hope for the best on transphasic crit H ad severity?

need veteran input plz explain.