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09-18-2012, 04:31 AM
It might just be my insomnia, but ...

Did I get this right?
You're complaining about getting too much aggro from FAW, so you're switching to weapons that deal even less damage than if you simply did not use FAW at all?
And you're trying to dps with that?
In a cruiser?
... and you're asking if that's a good idea???

Where do you start explaining where this is ALL wrong?

k, first: Cruisers are either Tanks (= deal enough damage to make people shoot at you, then heal through the hate) or Healers (in PvP only, in PvE a healer is a liability, nothing more - there's nothing to heal, any decently build ship will either tank what gets thrown at it, or get two-shot. Not much middle ground.)
Tanking as a Tac means you have an easier time generating enough aggro, but lack oh-crap buttons - you have to build around that, but you still have to build tank or be useless.

Proposed build:
Ens Tac: (TT1) or (TS1/HYT1) (1)
LCdr Tac: TT1, (FAW2 or APB1), (FAW3 or APB2) (2)
Lt Uni (Sci): (TSS1, TSS2) or (HE1, HE2) (3)
Lt Eng: EPtW1, RSP1
Cmdr Eng: EPtW1, EPtS2, EPtS3, Aux2SIF3

Fore: 3x Beam Array, 1 Torp
Aft: 3x Beam Array, 1 Torp

Cons Tac: 3x Energy Weapon Type
Cons Ens: 2x Neutronium, 1x Borg, 1x whatever you like (RCS, P2W Console, another Neutronium, Electroceramic, ...)
Cons Sci: 2x Field Generator

Shield: M.A.C.O., Deflector and Engine: Borg.

(1): second TT can be replaced by having two Conn DOffs, making room for a torp skill. TS for more AoE aggro as an opener, or HYT to finish off single targets.
(2): FAW if you need to tank, to gain AoE aggro, APB if you're not tanking to support group dps.
(3): TSS version for shield tanking against non-borg, HE version for STFs.

Energy Settings: Weapons max, leftover to AUX.

How to play: Shoot things, and survive the incoming fire, while still dealing very solid dps.

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