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Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
No heals? Hah, if this was something new. In PuGs you at least have a chance of meeting someone who will heal you. I just spent whole night yesterday on cmdr level Ker'rat screwing up with Klinks (was fun) in my cruiser. I was trying to keep alive escorts only to see them running away just after I hit HE or Extend on them, or running after I healed them and leaving me for the wrath of three Klinks.

Simply get used to it when you PuG or you are in Ker'rat. It is part of what makes PuG enjoyable - you never know with whom you will end and if you win. Going all premade vs PuG would be boring with constant roflstomps, and premade vs premade can be fun but I was never into organized PvP.
You're lucky to have had somebody in Kerrat at that level... As I leveled my new klink engi, I only found 2 feds in Kerrat at commander level, every other time (or at any other level) I was the only one in Kerrat and queues pop once every 1-3 hours... Cryptic, hint, hint... (that means do something, pls!)

And to the op: you're right, every now and then you run into some good pvpers that actually want to play and know how to play, and that's where the beauty of this game's pvp is... too bad it doesn't happen too often.
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