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09-18-2012, 05:46 AM
Someone needs to explain why engineers captains and bridge officers got overlooked with grenades?

Tactical captains have access to the grenade satchel kit as well as tactical bridge officers can train in all types of grenades grounds skills. (i.e. stun, plasma, smoke and photon)

Science captains and science bridge officers have access to at least one grenade called anesthizine gas grenade.

All captains have access to the cryo grenade from the Breen mission Cold Call.

Engineering captains and bridge officers. NOT ONE GRENADE! Wow, do the devs really hate engineers or what?

Here is what I'm suggesting on how they can fix this issue.

Engineering captains and engineering bridge officers (only) should have access to an EMP grenade that will turn off either a combo of one of the following or all of the following: personal shields, energy weapons and personal armor for a few seconds.

The devs can work on the details on whatever they think is best for the game here. However, the idea is in line for engineers because we have weapons malfunction kit skill and bridge officer ground skill.

It is my hope that they somehow one way or another give engineers both captains and bridge officers at least one other grenade that is our own besides the cryo one.