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09-18-2012, 06:53 AM
I've played this game since F2P launch. It took me about a month to get 1 set of prototype ground gear.

And you know what? I'm not bothered about the drop rate!

Because, now i can stride around popular STFer hang outs such as DS9 and ESD thinking, "I may have been unlucky in the time it took me, but I kept calm and carried on grinding". Thats probably the best part of getting MKXII gear, (other than the cool outfit), you can take pride in your accomplishment!

So buck up, you'll get it eventually!

I like the fact that MKXII STF gear is hard to get, makes you feel unique! So stop whinging about the drop rate, saying you want to claim it with EDCs or salvage. You can get loads of stuff with the EDCs and salvage. Did you know the retro STF gear sells to vendor for 100k EC each?

So to all you people who want it made easy, or for it to be a Z/C-store purchase as well go. You'll be taking the fun out of the game, just because your a bit unlucky.

So to Cryptic, i say, good show and doin't change a thing on STF drop rates etc