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09-18-2012, 08:55 AM
Originally Posted by zarathos1978 View Post
I even had a red (though it was red-Fed) on lt.cmdr level Much luck in Ker'rat, but faaar less in queues - since almost two weeks did not have even one match.

As for lack of experienced/willing players - well, if there are no low level PvPers then there will be no high level ones. No place to learn and getting mauled after you play PvE for some time and want to try PvP is dishartening. There is a LOT of willing low ranks on lt and lt.cmdr levels - but for FvK. If they dont get it, they dont try on higher leveles - why should they? After all no one is PvPing

But everyone knows this including Cryptic, and as Cryptic is not doing anything to fix this - I end my rant here.
The real travesty is pvp is the only good thing about STO as a game. And it's so neglected and barebones that it needs massive help.

You can't have a successful long lasting mmo that has Jack and Crap for effective PvE content, without pvp. The pve in this game is badly written, repetitive, and the npcs are nothing more than mere Practice Dummies that you find in other mmos to help setup your keybinds and get baseline damage numbers.