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09-18-2012, 08:19 AM
These notes have some things I like and one item that has me REALLY considering quitting this game.

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Klingon players can no longer queue for PVE or PVP until they complete the tutorial.
swarp animation.
Question is... will current KDF VA's be forced to take those inane and boring tutorials? I skipped them since I was already fed VA when I opened my KDF toons.


Systems:[list][*]Engineering Kit summoned pets; drones, turrets, mines, etc.; will now despawn if you remove the kit.
NO NO NO NO. WTF is this about?

The engineer kits HAVE to be switched around in order for the engineer to provide appropiate support for the team.

If you make the items despawn all you will do is SCREW the engineer ground experience.

For example, right now I can place a barrier shield, put the medical and shield generator down and, while still out of combat (even though my team is in combat), i can switch to the fabrication kit and put down mortars and gun turrets.

This allows ME, the ENGINEER to build structures that effectively support the team. STATIC structures.

If you take that away there is no reason to even bother playing engineer ground.

How about you guys stop with the lazyness and instead FIX the freaking engineer ground kits? Have you not noticed there's TOO MANY kits?

Narrow them down, make them synergize with each other. Make the USEFUL.
Ordnance Kit:

Quick Fix
Equipment Diagnostics

Defensive Position Kit:

Shield Generator
Force Field Dome
Medical Generator

Team Support kit:

Shield Heal
Fuse Armor
Weapons Malfunction
Combat Supply

Combat Engineer Kit:

Seeker Drone
Force Field Dome

I wrote this in the feedback forum a few days ago:


FIX engineer ground not nerf it. If you nerf engineer kit as this patch notes will the ground elite stfs will be winnable only by science and tactical captains. One tanks, the other one will just get in the way since he cant do damage (turrets die in one hit) and cant support (stuff will despawn if you change kit).

Updated the Fire All keybinds:
The Fire All Torpedoes keybind no longer fires Mines.
The Fire All Mines keybind is now functional again.
The Fire All Phasers and Torpedoes keybind is now functional again.
The Fire All Torpedoes and Mines keybind is now functional again.
We can only hope they stay fixed. This time.