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A lot of good stuff here:
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Mirror ships can now change their ship name prefix to I.S.S.

Duty Officers:
  • All Fleet Duty Officers should now have the correct Departments for their Specialization.

Operational Assets:
  • Decreased the cost of all operational assets.
  • Decreased the tier to unlock the Operational Assets for the Imperial Class Assault Cruiser, Dervish, Deifant, Dacoit Flight Deck Cruiser, Zilant Battleship, and Vo'quv Carrier.
  • Operational Assets can now be used from the player's inventory and no longer need to be equipped in a Device slot.

  • Klingon Honor Guard Ground Set:
    • Updated the Mk XII ground set: Owners of this set will see additional stats that should have been there all along.
    • Clarified all of the tooltips for this set bonus.
    • Understanding what the set does should be much easier now.

  • Can once again select and copy text from in-game mail.
  • Resolved an issue where completed missions wouldn't always disappear from the contact's list of options immediately.
While its great that the fleet credit cost and variety has expanded, the biggest problem with operational assets is that they're so darn expensive for projects -- you can't require X engineering and X operations doffs for one project that gives 500 XP and X fabrication engineers and X systems operations doffs for another project that gives same amount of XP. There *needs* to be a discount or people just won't run the projects.

Operational assets are consumables and it just defies reason to try to make them for anything beyond the novelty factor given their prohibitive construction costs.
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