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Originally Posted by z0gra View Post
No plasma leech on feds.

Not until you release the bounds and allow klingon and federation got access to everything they got.

Ex i am klingon but i can buy fed ship and MACO shields.

Otherwise i dont see how this will work.

Sharing plasma leech along with all the stuff Federation got unique it will be a major disturbance at the game balance and also KDF faction will be even less worthy for playing if plasma leech gets on fed side.

I am telling you that KDF will vanish if Feds get plasma leech. I know about 100 ppl that rolled and play KDF just to make a nice leech build and stacking on their build this console also.

Besides plasma leech i cant find any other reason for someone to roll and play KDF.
Take it away and its like you shut down KDF interests and reasons for ppl to play.

ps. ye plasma leech+Maco shields will be an OP stacking effect of powers along with flow capacitors and insulators they will be so much OP and unstoppable against our leech effects.

So if you take away leech effects form KDF what other tactical advantage we will have?
Why do people think they can dictate to the devs what will and wont happen? If the devs want the Leech console available to the feds it will happen. Making demands like "this must not happen" is hardly going to get you anywhere.

Next time try a well thought out post and prompt genuine discussion as to why something should not happen as opposed to just spouting about this console being the only good thing the klingons have.

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