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09-18-2012, 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by buccaneerdtb View Post
Thank you for finally fixing the Engineer kit swapping cheat. I have several engineers in my fleet and we never swap kits and do fine in both elite STFs and PvP. Ground PvP has finally been getting some needed adjustments.

Ok then. Have tacticals and science also lose their buffs when they switch kits.

Right now tactical can buff up damage and swith to grenade kit to toss a mini-nuke.

Science can buff self with the hypos and nanites and switch to its damage/debuff kit and go freaking crazy on mobs.

Unlike Engineer, those 'cheats' only help the individual user. At least the engineer kit swapping was for TEAM support.

A really,really bad change for the class.

To those with 'lag' issues: its your vid card and nothing to do with the game itself. Lower certain settings so it doesnt 'lag' you . You can do it without losing image quality.