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# 28 Republicans vs Democrats
09-18-2012, 10:36 AM
Starfleet dental represents the attitude of the republican party high on judging others actions while forgetting they are just as human as we are. They began by crashing Drozana and driving rpers out. How can you role play a wedding with a fire exthingusher blowing smoke in the brides face? They also infiltrate fleets and raid there banks. Yes ive read all the comments and the same sarcastic lines are used in Drozana. We, the Democrates ... err role players, just wanna be left alone but nooooo...... some Dental guy starts blowing smoke. I watch over my fleet like a hawk and kik any members who fraternizes with these trolls. Our bank is locked down so thats not an issue. I'm responding to put my 2 cents on this thread and maybe just maybe i can't stop someone from join this very unpopular tryn to make itself popular fleet. If they are sucessful in gaining a sizeable membership this game is doomed but im guessing that is their intent.