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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
We are hiring, but having an extra pair of hands doesn't mean those hands are dedicated to adding foundry assets. S/He would be in the same boat as the rest of us, with a schedule s/he'd have to keep, and deadlines to make.
Dstahl told us that more assets are coming. He said so in the Ask Cryptic thread. He should probably know if nobody actually has it on their schedule or if it's not in someone's job description.

Assets have been prioritized. But, judging from your comments, there is nobody actually doing anything and it's not really a priority. I'll also assume from your earlier remarks that absolutely nothing has been done asset-wise to bring the NW interior building into STO's foundry.

Meanwhile we have walls and no ceiling or floors. Is it just too much to ask for a couple of primitives with a seamless carpet texture? Really? A Bajoran orb to go with the orb effects? Really?

You guys have this stuff built. We need it. Just put in it.

One might suspect that the dev team is trying to guard their own creations, handicap foundry authors and guarantee that our sets will be rather ugly compared to official content. It could be seen as passive aggressive hostility to the amateurs.

"Let's see them make an Fed interior with 3 walls that don't fit together and no ceilings and floors! HA! Take that, you rookies!"

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