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06-06-2009, 03:53 AM
Thanks for the update, its nice to get an insight on how you guys do actually get together and play the game instead of blindly doing your own things and lettng the beta sort it out, a mistake a fair few companies have made resulting in extremely buggy games.

Although I like to see screenshots, I'm not to bothered about there not been one, I mean this was a blog afterall, where people blog down what they are thinking, we can't expect the devs to slap on screenshots and videos with every little artilce they make.

I think alot of people following games dwell on the 'a picture paints a thousand words' far to often, The artists of the team are not hte 'whole' team, there are programmers and system designers doing loads of work that there simply is no way of showing an image of what they've done. Besides, everytime an image or video is released, theres always a buch of people crying out it is fake and not ingame.

I think whats nice to take away from this blog is that it sounds like all the basics of the game are in place now (to the point they can play builds of the game together) and that it seems fairly stable as it is right now. I'm looking forward to the community plan Awen mentioned in her twitter too :-P