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09-18-2012, 10:49 AM
personally I fly a DSSV and it's decidedly a heal-boat with a little bit of offensive science thrown in (tykens rift 2 and grav well 2/3) and it does the job but it disappoints in combat.

I decided against the RSV after days of weighing the two up as I didn't like playing escorts and still don't like the fact of them being majorly overpowered when compared to the other ship types.

Although I would be extremely happy with the Nova as it gives you the best of all worlds as science has more skills at lower levels. the Nova also gives you the ability to keep 4 beams trained on a target and still turn fast enough to drop in a torp or two without losing too much beam damage as a result. Do bare in mind the nova was originally designed for short range missions and to be a sort of science with guns ship.

So it really does depend upon what you want from a ship,if you want team support you want the DSSV, for damage potential you want the RSV or the NOVA gives you the best of both of these the only problem I can find with it is that it could use help from the two extremes of the spectrum