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09-18-2012, 12:10 PM
Nobody ever offered up any credible reason to believe it was more than a made-up rumor.

It was suggested that it would be in the next lockbox, so I guess we'll know whether or not somebody was just blowing smoke in a couple of days.

I suppose it depends on whether or not the Devs think it's time the Feds had it too. Given what we believe to be the theme of the next lockbox, it doesn't seem likely to me.

I know there's nobody guaranteeing that it will never happen. I doubt anyone will come in here in an official capacity and make that guarantee.

But since I've been posting in these forums, I've learned that it never pays to make assumptions about what Cryptic is going to do until Dan Stahl says it's on the schedule, or until we see it being rolled out on Tribble.
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