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# 1 Costume Question
09-18-2012, 11:18 AM
Yes, a noob question, sorry

I created and paid for a new costume on the spacedock. When I exit the costume creator, my character is sill wearing the old costume. When I go back into the creator, he's wearing the new costume. I logged out and then returned to the game. On the screen where you pick which character to play, he's wearing the new costume. When you enter the game, he's wearing his old costume. Ah, good times. Ahem. Help.

Bonus question!

Signed up for Gold membership yesterday, and have no idea what to do with promotional points (and I don't think I received the free 500 ones yet). I Googled for information about the points and read lots of posts of about them... but no one says how to actually use them.

Any and all info is much appreciated.