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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I'll definitely keep that (and this thread) in mind the next time I'm tasked with doing foundry asset tagging. It's not as simple as you'd think.
Thanks Taco. here is an old list we made a long time ago.

I was also talking with Mapolis, who seemed to like the primitives tab idea. I still think it would be so useful. Basically, a tab to pick an untextured primitive, with a sub-menu to choose between 20 or so seamless textures, from stone to grass and carpet, etc. It would add so much without cluttering the list of assets.

Anyways, some of the other simpler requests are in that thread. You're right that we just don't know how much work it takes, but please ask yourself how long it would take for you to:

Make a plain and completely flat outdoor map with no audio effects, where we can build custom interiors.

Make an flat ground map that is nothing but water, so we can build water worlds.

Make a plain flat map with space all around it as the "sky," that we could build ship interiors with windows.

Make a set of transparent windows that are just squares. No curves etc. Just a few square and transparent windows with no logos.

Make a set of stairs.

These are some of our requests.

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