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There is at least some rationale for having the Miranda, Oberth and Excelsior classes in the game, as those classes were wildly successful and were used for decades by Starfleet. The Constitution class, not so much, but they at least got around that by saying the Excalibur is a new design that pays homage to the Constitution.

On one hand, I can see the reasoning not to include it, as the Ambassador was never widely used by Starfleet (the show being the best evidence of this), at least, not nearly as widely used as the other classes like the Miranda or Excelsior. On the other hand, I don't see the harm in including it either. And I do like the design, I like it more than some of the newer designs like the Saber, the Galaxy-X, the Olympic or the Prometheus (all look a bit pants). Same goes for the Constellation, but at least there Cryptic made the Stargazer-class.
Uh, wrong. The ship was used in variouse missons transferring diplomats to the Enterprise-D. It was used in the Battle of Wolf 359(Emissary), its was used in the blockade in "Redemption II". Its shown atleast 6 time in TNG and a few times in DS9. Actually TNG showed the Ambassador Class more often than the Miranda. Miranda's didn't start showing up often till major battles in DS9, because its a frontline cannon fodder ship. You need to go back and watch Star Trek because you memory is shaky.