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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Then is it not time to kill this thread and all the flames it has produced?
Welll... I think most of the flamers have already been dealt with. At the moment, it seems almost peaceful compared to how it started out. And there is legitimate feedback from players who don't like the idea.

Unless somebody decides to turn the thread into a full-out flame war, or tries to stir things up again by trolling again, I have no good reason to close the thread. If anyone is aware of posts that I've missed, feel free to put in a ticket and it'll be dealt with.

I know there are some folks who probably think I abuse my moderator powers... I'd hate to prove them right.

However... If Cryptic does hand out the Plasmodic Leech to the Feds, I expect things to heat up in here right quick.

Otherwise, best to just quit posting in it and let the topic slide into obscurity. I only came in here to see if people were following the rules.
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