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Uh, wrong. The ship was used in variouse missons transferring diplomats to the Enterprise-D. It was used in the Battle of Wolf 359(Emissary), its was used in the blockade in "Redemption II". Its shown atleast 6 time in TNG and a few times in DS9. Actually TNG showed the Ambassador Class more often than the Miranda. Miranda's didn't start showing up often till major battles in DS9, because its a frontline cannon fodder ship. You need to go back and watch Star Trek because you memory is shaky.
According to Memory Alpha an Ambassador Class has only had 6 appearances/mentions in Trek:

TNG: (4)
"Conspiracy" (debris, and interior via subspace communication)
"Yesterday's Enterprise"
"Data's Day"
"Redemption II"
DS9: "Emissary"
ENT: "Future Tense" (database image, saucer section only)