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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
I don't use kit swapping for either of those purposes, I agree an army of pets can be unfair and no, facerolling isn't fun but as I said in my post i use it to ADAPT to my situation, how would you like it if you were an engineer using the bunker fabrication kit and you were doing well and then you come across a group of enemies who destroy you using your own stuff (Manus/Beccy in IGE for example), you'd want to change to a kit more suited to your situation right? but somebody came along and stopped you doing that because it didn't suit THEM that you were able to adapt to your situation...

Yes I sympathise with you, to a degree, as it is if I'm under fire i can't change and that can mean the difference between life or death for both me AND my team so I'm sorry but if it's a matter of you beam onto a map and you're no longer allowed to change your kit, that's unfair. I know you've mentioned engineers but nobody has mentioned science, should a science player be limited to a debuff kit because they didn't know the team would need a medic going into the map, I know for a fact the med kit is not useful for most of CGE but at the end it's the best weapon you can have.

In doing this you are penalising good players of 2 classes, I ask you now... Is THAT fair? is THAT right?
but you can still swap kits. The only difference is the stuff you spawned to deal with the other situation goes away when you unequip the kit that you used to spwan them.

How is that a problem if you are arguing that you've moved on to a new situation and now need to change kits to have the right equipment?