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The problem Im seeing now is, you have that Foundry list you somewhat keep up. I want to play all those missions, but now that some are slowly getting featured and real XP rewards and such are coming, I dont want to play them yet. Im the type of player that only plays a Foundry mission once. I dont want to go back to something Ive already experienced now that is has been spotlighted. Can you update your list to specify which missions in your top foundry list are now spotlighted?

Sadly, the spotlighting process takes too long. The same problem we have now with people not wanting to play them will still exist. Unless there is a full time trusted committee of players applying the rewards to foundry missions as they come out, theres going to be a huge backlog of quality missions still getting ignored because people will only play whats spotlighted, and maybe not even then if they've already played a mission that is just now spotlighted. Cryptic can trust players with forum mod powers, why cant they trust some players like Kirkfat, Hav, Terrilynn, Admiral Murphy, etc that can play new missions, stamp their approval that its length is satisfactory and the mission isnt an exploit? They lock it in, and the author will have to resubmit for approval to get rewards reapplied if they want to make changes to their mission. I know Dan said something about that type of anti exploit tech being built into the Neverwinter foundry, but Im not holding my breath STO gets that any time soon if at all before STO folds altogether.
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