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Originally Posted by trek21 View Post

I've played through all 3 careers with only 1 kit (chosen ahead of time), and it's been fun regardless. That's how it's supposed to be played.

The way I see it, this was much needed Now if they can do the same to Tactical and Science

You see the failure of the engineering kits is simple:

There are too many kits and each kit has abilities that do not work well with each other.

For example, one kit puts down turrets and mortars and another kit buffs them. Another kit which has the shield generator is the only way the mortars and turrets will survive a single shot from elite borg.

See the problem there? Unless you can buff them or protect them with another kit powers the turrets and mortars die so fast (borg electric damage+snare AOE hits everything even behind walls) it makes them pointless to even bother setting down most of the time.

Compare that to science and tactical kits. Their kits DO work VERY well for their 'role'. A healing kit is a superb healer, a buffing kit is a superb buffer. Why? Because the abilities that heal and buff or debuff are all IN ONE KIT.

Engineering kits do not have that synergy or role-focus. The only kit that comes close is the enemy neutralization kit...the rest are just messed up.

Right now, in elite ground stf my character does not even engage in combat..does not enter red alert. I spend all my time building generators, turrets and mortars as my team advances. I have even had teams that after 2 rooms they stopped rushing in like ferrets on meth and begun using my 'firebase' (barrier shield with shield gen, healing gen, mortar and force field dome with turret in front) to engage the borg from... and comment how cool it was to actually have someone constantly tossing these area team buffs. It let the science guy switch to his offensive kits.

When I run only one kit (fabrication) its always the same damn boring run-after the ground, drop a turret here, a mortar there, keep rushing... cause the damn things DIE in 10 seconds. Hell, even teams tell me not to bother putting them down. BUT..when they ARE protected by the shield generators.. the mortars and turrets become effective.

and it is THAT effectiveness that is missing. All because the kit abilities are not currently set to work together in a kit.

Allowing kit switching enables the engineer to play an engineer not just some turd running around with a gun ...that's the tac's role. Science can at least be the healer on the run. Engineer cant.