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A lot of good stuff here:

While its great that the fleet credit cost and variety has expanded, the biggest problem with operational assets is that they're so darn expensive for projects -- you can't require X engineering and X operations doffs for one project that gives 500 XP and X fabrication engineers and X systems operations doffs for another project that gives same amount of XP. There *needs* to be a discount or people just won't run the projects.

Operational assets are consumables and it just defies reason to try to make them for anything beyond the novelty factor given their prohibitive construction costs.
The problem is that some n00b planners still Q the ops asset assignments and then we're stuck for days if not weeks filling those special duffs in ... it really is a pain in the rear end. Sumtimes I can save the projects in time and Q another one, butt sumtimes it's just too late to intervene (sleeping time in Europe etc).
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