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09-18-2012, 03:41 PM
I'm experienced in STFs, i'm not the best, but I consider myself pretty decent. I'm not an elitist, i actually try to walk them through the STF. The whole gear thing won't be as effective as my suggestion below.

I've seen everything there is too see, from a Rainbow build cruiser sitting above the Kang defending, to everyone but me entering the control room on KA ground elite.

So here's a solution that will, I believe, benefit everyone. It will enable new players/newbies/noobs to learn the maps/strategies etc.

An accolade that is unlocked on successful completion of all the optionals on normal 3 (or such a number) of times.
We can also make it account-wide.

This will enable the new players/newbies/noobs to learn the map, and reduce the chance of being carried through. This will cut down the amount of lesser experienced players entering Elite STFs drastically.

Cryptic should also include pop ups at Mission start or queuing window (birdie tells me theres a new one coming) that highlights important things such as strategy/communication/ship gear etc etc etc.

How does that sound. Its not elitist either! Two/three birds with one stone