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Hello Star Trek community!

At first we want to introduce ourselves as a great fans of Star Trek universum

Appreciating the tremendous strength and quality of the Star Trek Online community, we would like to present You our project: an old school turn-based space stretegy - "M.O.R.E."
The game will be based on "Master of Orion 2" and will have a 3D turn-based spacebattles, etc. We are a huge fans of StarTrek so.. there will be a huge game impact from ST universum into our game. (for example Brutas race will be a little simillar to Klingons )

For more information, I invite you to visit our project website on kickstarter:

If you'll enjoy our idea, You can also support us there - we will appreciate this. We simply want to go, where no one has gone before... (in 4x games)
Thank You.

My post is intended only to inform the players of ST Online about our initiative. I would be grateful if my post won't be removed. Thank You.