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I loged out 5 days ago with 24,604 Energy Credits on my Klingon toon when i loged back in yesterday my in game mail said i sold 110k worth of stuff on the exchange so that means i should have 134,604 energy credits right? nope still only 24,604.

I tryed opening the mail next to the mini map to get my energy credits from the exchange but theres no option to do so i went to the mail box that u can see in the game and tryed there nope still no option.

I've noticed that when your online it gives it 2 you right away in the game so maby when your off line it bugs out and don't give it to you???

I have this same issue with both my accounts and all my toons both fed and kling. Maby because i'm f2p and not a memeber???

Any thoughts on how to fix this or anything? I put all this into a support ticket but the GM that responded told me he couldn't figure out what my problem/issue was and that i needed to edit my ticket with more info so he could help.

after waiting 24 hours for them to respond i loged in more stuff sold still no energy creds

i tought it spelled out the issue well lol

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