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09-18-2012, 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by kdawgenigma View Post
This may not be the case, but, it seems that the difficulty of the STFs may have bumped up some. I have been killed more times this week on infected elite than the whole last month. I have noticed numerous others running these with me stating similar feelings. Some people who have gone one on one with tac cube feel squishy all of a sudden. Did something get changed and was it intentional or not?
Maybe about a month ago, the boss fights all seemed to get harder and a lot less forgiving.

I remember feeling like I was making progress as a player. My PuGs getting most of the optionals. Then WHAM.

It felt like the Borg on Elite started hitting harder. The timers started acting funny on Infected and maybe the Cure, resetting with time still left. The turrets in Cure started bugging out too. Sometimes respawning as they're blown up. Respawn timers on the Infected boss room also seem much higher. The cure boss seems to kill melee like crazy now too.

The bosses don't seem to hit as hard and can be soloed. (In fact, the only time I've beaten any in the last month with PuGs relied on a science sniper tank or two to finish it. As a melee tac, I have to switch to sniping a lot more, almost as if they rebalanced things around the melee buffs.)

It almost seems to me like somebody decided to try to keep the difficulty intact while eliminating one shot mobs by nerfing the Elite Tactical Drones and bosses and buffing everything else.