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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
How about you guys stop with the lazyness and instead FIX the freaking engineer ground kits? Have you not noticed there's TOO MANY kits?

Narrow them down, make them synergize with each other. Make the USEFUL.
Ordnance Kit:

Quick Fix
Equipment Diagnostics

Defensive Position Kit:

Shield Generator
Force Field Dome
Medical Generator

Team Support kit:

Shield Heal
Fuse Armor
Weapons Malfunction
Combat Supply

Combat Engineer Kit:

Seeker Drone
Force Field Dome
That depends on how you play engineer. If you prefer to build fortifications, then the above makes sense. My preferred kits are enemy neutralization and equipment technician, and I think they mostly work fine as is. With both those kits, you can hit tough enemies with weapons malfunction, fuse armor, and orbital strike. With enemy neutralization, you can run in front of a group of enemies, drop mines, and pulsewave. With equipment technician, you can keep your shields up longer.

On the other hand, the transphasic bomb that comes with enemy neutralization seems less useful than the chroniton mines. I can never position it properly next to enemies; either that or they run away before I can detonate it. It's still useful for blowing up static structures such as generators though.