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09-18-2012, 05:05 PM
I understand bort when he said its not easy, those suckers are also dependent on flow capacitors too, so as many flow points you have, the bigger the drain is. On the other hand, the principle is cool to be honest, it just doesn't work properly. also, they might be resisted by insulators, but the drain could be so big that it really doesn't matter how many insulators you have, lol.

I remember talking about having et or batteries giving you a temporary power boost, so you can at least escape them, I really don't know if that would be enough though. Another idea would be to make he clean them for the duration of he, it sounds silly, I know, but same he clears power siphon (sci ability). I am definitely against nerfing them to the point of being useless, but I think siphons have the problem of being dependent of too many variables and maybe it's just easier if cryptic implements the he/et/batt idea.
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