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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
borticuscryptic, how about they can only drain x amount before they have to dissipate that gained energy? they would still be initially deadly...but there would be a brief recovery time for the target before a new launch or the drones could begin siphoning again.

and there are counters, they're just not real useful in other PvP engagements. mines for anti-fighter mines with a faster cd than standard anti-ship mines could be an addition. the downside it takes a weapons slot and not as effective vs other ships.

tractor-repulsors could have an added bonus vs small ships, some other sci abilities work pretty well as long as you're not drained before hand. increasing launch cd or having a min cd that doff's can't force it below would also help with the spammage.

i think i realize the issue with finding a way to make them less uber in PvP is that it also makes them less effective in PvE...difficult balancing act to say the least.
Other MMO games have separate gear for PVP and PVE. How about this, why not make it like PVE gear only and not affective for PVP?