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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
the problem with drones is that their drain is open ended and unlimited, they don't drain a certain amount and then stop, its more and more every tic. this never ending drain till they are killed seems to bypass insulators entirely, as shown in a vid made by mav.

have the things explode after 15 seconds of draining, like a blood sucker that sucks to much. being able to permanently shut someone down once snared is a big problem

depending on your level in insulators, there should be a cap to how much any number of siphon pods should be able to drain you. with 0 insulator skill they should be able to take 125 power, with 99 max drain should be 50 power. from there add in diminishing returns, so even at a theoretical max of ~250 skill it could still drain 20 power.

the pods drain once a second right? maybe have them drain every 3 seconds, so if only 1 or 2 get to you it isn't game over and you can deal with them. it wont make much of a difference ether way when a squad of 8 has you.
That wouldn't make much of a difference if siphon player holds you in a powerful tractor beam, as most leach players do.