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Originally Posted by matteo716maikai View Post
im gonna have to call bs on this.

theyre the only drain in the game that has unlimited drain. theyre one of the few drains that isnt countered fully by insulators or even a fraction of whats countered for things like target subsystems.

yeah... bs.

give them a limit to their drain. say max group drain of up to 50 total. theyd still be useful, and so long as theyre "draining" that 50 power wont regen. the more siphons the faster that 50 is drained.

power insulators would increase the amount of time it takes to drain up to the 50.

they also do need their health adjusted, but nowhere near as badly as the majority of the fed pets (only the fighters seem to be in order). i mena come on! a 18k health runabout with tractor beams? good god....
Not just the Fed pet need health adjustment, its the KDF frigates as well. They are as tough as players and they are too fast to hit with torpedos. The difference between Advanced fighters and regular should be a very small HP raise and the better weaponry. That also should go for a the advanced frigates.