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Hey everyone, been slaving away at this, but wanted to put a teaser up to get everyone excited. Also if anyone may provide a tad bit of tech support on some errors I have had that would be awesome.

Even in the 25th century, all the technology of the galaxy can't protect you from the horror that awaits.

Teaser trailer for the new foundry mission: The Walking Red, for Star Trek Online. When the U.S.S. Valve doesn't return home from carrying survivors of a biological weapon, your crew is tasked with finding the vessel and returning everyone home. What the crew discovers will lead them on a terror filled journey to not only survive, but prevent a virus from spreading across the Federation.

The Walking Red is an attempt at bringing full fledged horror to Star Trek online, with features such as single and multiplayer gameplay (along with separate quests for up to 3 people). Featuring mainly ground combat and a very dialog and action packed story. Release date for testing is October 1, 2012.