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09-19-2012, 01:06 AM
While the K'vort is as long as the Hegh'ta, ships are 3-dimensional.
Calling the two ships the same size is not quite correct.
The K'vort is actually a lot more massive.

total wingspan is wider and the wings themselves are thicker.
The Hegh'ta is mostly as long as the K'vort due to its long neck.
The K'vort has a much more massive engineering section and a shorter neck as well as a bigger command module.
And the K'vort has bigger guns...not that this matter in STO ATM.

Let's also not forget they moved very much like cruisers in the shows...

*EDIT: @farmallm: it's not possible to hotlink to images on EAS, you only get a "blocked" message*

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