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09-19-2012, 12:55 AM
Am getting close to lvl 40 with my sci alt, and am suffering some indecision on which ship to go with.
Have narrowed it down to either a Recon Sci, or an Advanced Escort, which seems to be the most sci orientated of the escorts.
Am well versed with the RSV, as run one with my ENG main char, but despite running all AP DBB fwd and AP BA, cluster transphasic and tric aft, with 3 AP mag consoles, weapon pwr at 100(and with EPS transfer, EPtW and batteries, is usually maxed out), the DPS just dosent seem to be where it should be.
So the question is, as i almost exclusively do STF,PVE and Fleet actions, do i sacrifice the extensive sci powers on the RSV for more 'punch' on the Advanced Escort?
Weapons i can sort, but any suggestions for Boff and consoles setups for the escort will be welcome.
Cheers in Advance