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Hello again

After some time and some thinking and testing i am now at a point where i no longer want to be a tank as a role but still want to be a Crusier-Pilot. I got myself the Oddy-bunde and like this ship very much.

As i see it most of that has already been discussed here so i only have three questions left:

Is there any way to distribute skillpoints(space) more efficiently/effectively if i want to use only an Oddy than in the above example? Or are the differences so minimal that i can choose the build above without regrets and the added bonus to be able to use an escort should the need arise? What would you do?

Since i have all 3 Oddy-Consoles: Should i use them all? The working bees are nice to have, the escort seem to be of minor help, but i like the separation very much. Still there is the set bonus which seems to give some additional bonuses, but is it really worth it to use them? Right now i have all 3 of them in the eng-console slots and the borg console in one of the sci-slots. So i only have one plate and one shield console left...enough?

6 Beams, 2 Launchers or more beams?

Thank you
1) I pretty much run the above build. You could do small things like buff Engine power a bit, and tease a little more out of your EPTX skills by increasing "Starship Electro-Plasma Systems" and "Starship Shield Emitters" - but the return will be minimal, and in all honesty an Engineer makes a pretty solid Escort Pilot.

2) Depends entirely on your playstyle. The 3-set bonus is actually quite nice due to its effect on Worker Bees and Chevron Seperation's recharges, but there are better ways to get a higher turn rate or more armor. Personally I quite like the additional abilities.

3) Again, playstyle. If you go 6/2 then I'd put the Launchers on the same end, either Fore or Aft. I've even seen some decent 2xDBB/2xTorp/4xTurret setups that rely on Chevron Seperation for maneuverability.

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