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09-19-2012, 12:59 AM
Originally Posted by jonathanlonehawk View Post
I looked at this on tribble and it appears to be tied to the ship as my regent with the mirror skin couldn't use the ISS prefix. Also on the KDF side it's AKS instead of IKS.

I was really hoping it'd be attached to the costume unlock and not the ship itself, as I feel the Regent is a MUCH better ship and of course when the fleet version comes out I'd like to use it on that as well.

Maybe tie it to the material used? Since I can make a Prime Universe Assault cruiser (Regent-looking even) with the Mirror ship itself and have the ISS, then the reason for tying it to the ship itself is kinda moot.
Ah, shoot, was looking forward to give my Regent the I.S.S.-prefix >.<