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09-19-2012, 03:17 AM
I really don't like the Engineer Kit nerfs. Like said above, some kits just don't go good together.

With you guys mentioning we would be seeing customizable kits for endgame a while ago, I thought this could be fixed, but now you just limiting engineers to support types than fighting on the field.

And Operational Assets? They are not worth using. Too much of a hassle to get. And too much Dilithium being burned on such useless items (which are only good for one map).

Meanwhile, when are we going to see fixes to Season 6 bugs that been around for a while?

Queueing for Fleet Events put you in STFs.
Invasion, mobs not giving credit.
Incursion, bugs where the mission does not progress if you kill outside of the boundries.

Not to mention the stupid Captain spawn, when you fight some races, they instant kill you. Like the Feklhiri. Or how people dont listen and rush in before people respawn after death, blowing the chances in getting the captain (really, that wasn't the brightest thing given how PuGs are).

Or Blockade (never seen 21 ships even with the best groups money can buy).

Or how about fixing the Iso Canon off Negh'vars with that stupid 1-shot kill thing. Didn't you guys learn we hate 1-shot kills from the Borg over the years?

Or NPC ability spam?

Nukara respawn times really need decreased as well.

Finally, what really needs fixed is that unknown CTDing that happens when you beam to First City on Qo'nos.

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